Tuesday, May 19, 2015

.red apple lipstick ((review)).

Hey Stars!
I have a special review today for a wonderful company known as Red Apple Lipstick!
Red Apple Lipstick is a company that sells lipstick, balms, eye shadows, mascara and more. However- it's natural! Instead of being loaded with a ton of chemicals you'll find in drugstore make up, it's gluten free and paraben free.

I was recently sent some samples from Red Apple and can I just say... I'm in love with it! The colors are gorgeous, the names are wonderful (such as Back to the Fuschia) and the packaging was super cute.
 The packaging it was sent in was this adorable little bag, with green wrapping paper wrapped around the products. Cute, reusable, AND safe! :)

 They included a small hand-written note on the packing slip, which just adds to the already known (to me, anyways) fact that the customer service is impeccable!

 They sent me five samples, including:
Beach Peach
Back to the Fuschia
Rallye Balm
As well as a small card with information about RAL and a brush to apply the lipstick/balm with.  

The photo below is me wearing Beach Peach and I love it. It doesn't feel waxy, it looks glossy, and it's really pretty! I look forward to trying all my other samples. Please go check out Red Apple Lipstick!
 Customer Service: 9.5/10
Products: 10/10
Website: 8/10
Overall score: 1000/10!

I love Red Apple Lipstick and I know you will too... go take a look and take a bite out of RAL!
Have a wonderful day!
Hannah B.

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