Wednesday, May 13, 2015

school, dance, and a lot of yogurt.

Hey Stars *.*

So... yeah. I haven't posted in forever. I've just been crazy insanely busy.

So, for college, I'm aiming for my associates in arts. I'm taking Public Speaking and English 1 for this Fall. I'm pretty excited, but also nervous, but it's cool to think that MAYBE before I even graduate from high school I could have a college degree :D

On Tuesday (yesterday) Beth and I had our Ballet evaluations. I'm so nervous for the results, because I don't feel ready... eep! I kind of hope I don't move up, but I kind of hope I do...

This weekend is gonna be crazy. On Friday Beth and I have dance practice, then on Saturday a 3 hour dance practice, and then Beth and Christian have their piano recital. Then on Sunday we have church of course, and then our dance recital and we have to be there by 12:45.

In other words, we're insanely busy, as I said above. And I've been feeling horrible so like UGHHHH.

On Friday, though, my family and I might go see Mall Cop 2 and get lunch :D I hope we get too. I wish my dad could've seen the 2nd one. My dad always wore Hawaiian shirts. I think he would enjoy it.

We're done with American Heritage Girls for the year except for our year end picnic, so that takes a little off of our schedule. BUT we have 4H. So, it's a bit of a trade off. And Beth and I MAY be going to 4H camp, and Christian's going to Cub Scout camp.

I love and hate being busy. I just don't know...

Adorkable Apparel is so cute, Traci Hines is fabulous, I need those clothes soooo bad, like hfvuiwheouboq8w

I have a review coming up, so stay tuned~!

I haven't really been reading, writing, or really doing much because we've been so crazy busy, but... yeah. I was going somewhere with this and now I forget.

My mom got a notification through her email that she had a 41 pd package on the way. My siblings and I were conspiring that it was a bomb, and then when we opened it, it was all YOGURT.


Okay, I gotta go. Love you all, stay fabulous. xox
Hannah Song

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