Tuesday, June 2, 2015

if you're sick, if you're sick, if you're sick of it

sick of it- skillet

Hey Stars xx

I've decided to write an actual post after that last rambly post. I may even delete that later.

Mom's working on genealogy right now. Like, can you say confusing??? :P

Christian and I for certain are auditioning for a local production of the Nutracker. Beth isn't sure if she will or not. I hope she does.

Project Dance is coming up soon. So, please, prayerfully consider donating- it'd mean a lot. It's really expensive, but it helps to spread the word of God. If we know you in real life, you can send it to us, or something, but if we don't know you in real life, go a few posts down to find the GoFundMe link.

Jealousy is one of the worst feelings in the world, ya'know?

We spent some time with my grandma and grandpa earlier which was nice. My mom did genealogy with grandma and us kids hung out with grandpa, listened to music, drank soda, dealt baseball cards, and generally just had a good time.

Dance is taking over my brain, I feel like it's what I think about 24/7.

I've changed a few little things on my blog, so yeah. Me likey. Check out my about me page, that's the main change.

I'm going to camp this year with my little sis, and then a few days after we leave, my brother leaves for his camp. Mom might do something with one of our uncles, so, yeah. I'm really excited, I hope this year will be better than the first time I went to camp.

I've been reading a lot the past few days. I was sick for a while so I just laid in bed and read, so I got a good head start. The summer reading program the sibs and I do started today so yay :D I'm almost done with House of Hades by RR (which has kind of disappointed me tbh), I read the Ever After High yearbook earlier, and other miscellaneous books. And lots of Zendaya biographies. Don't even know why.

So, that's about it. Love you all! ttylxox
Hannah Song the wondergirl

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