Monday, June 8, 2015

my life this week.

Hey Stars.

So, here's my life this week with... *drumroll*

PICTURES! yayy!!!

Okay... hmm... on Saturday, we went to a local festival but unfortunately,  it stunk. But... we got... ice cream!!! Jurrasic Smash from DQ. Awesome, awesome ice cream. Almost too good. And the cups it was in ROCKED. I'm so excited for Jurassic World. Probably a little too excited, ah, well.

 my cup
 the ice cream: peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips if I remember correctly.
selfie! (or triplie! lol)

Hmm... on Sunday we went to church of course. It was a really good sermon, we're starting a series called Encounters by the Sea. Our grandma came with us, which was a long story. Anyways, after that, we had an American Heritage Girls cook-out. 
 One of my buds from the Explorer level moved up to Pioneer, so now we'll be together :D It was a pretty good day, but it was too hot. We were in a playpark, so fun times, but there were some idiotic teens there. Seriously, who tells a bunch of little kids, "your pack sucks!" and "AHG sucks!"


Bloody idiots.

And I've got like... 5 hours tucked under my belt for the Summer reading program at one of our libraries, but I don't have enough cards to fill out for it :( I've only marked down 2 hours so far. I'm almost done with House of Hades by Rick Riordan- which tbh has been pretty disappointing- but I got my sister into PJO :'D I'm so happy.

I've been making a lot of edits like this. it's really fun but I simply can't match skin tones. Sooo most are in black and white.

I've been doing this journaling thing- well, the whole fam has- called ListersGottaList. It's really fun. I'll post pictures later, maybe... I'm using a Twilight Sparkle notebook xD lol

Anyways, I've unfollowed many people on Instagram due to them being mean to me for shipping Perrachel or being mean to others for having a different body type. For the latter I report them first, though :(
my response to hate.

Me and the sibs are gonna go spend the night with our grandparents soon, which will be fun! We haven't done it in a couple years (by choice, anyways). We're gonna go out to eat and stuff so yay!
I feel like starting a new blog just for me writing pep-talks but I'm not sure. Maybe, maybe not... eep. I'm not very good at them, anyways.
I've been working on 4H lately. I've gotten quite a bit done, actually, but I still have far too go... 4H is a long, hard, process.
My mom got me blue temporary hair dye!!! YES!!! It has to be temporary for dance company.
I've been applying for jobs, asking if they're hiring, and stuff like that like crazy. It's... yeah. Exciting but nerve wrecking.
I might be going to church camp and I'm so so so excited! I was trying to get my friend Sydney to come but she doesn't want too. I wish I had somebody I knew go. I mean... yeah. Beth might go, too, so I won't be alone.
I'm so tired. And in pain. My chest and back both hurt like crazy. But Pandora! yay for Pandora.
I gotta go. Love you Stars xx
Hannah Song

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