Saturday, July 4, 2015

ramblers in the wilderness

 hey Stars!

I need to vent. I'm angry at the government, at my siblings, at a certain somebody, and at myself. I'm just... I try to be positive, at least in public and online, and make people smile, but truth be told lately I'm just not in the mood to make anyone else happy :( Sorry, guys.

I went to see Inside Out yesterday with my mom, sister, and three of our friends while my brother and two of our other friends went to a ball game. It was really fun. Lynn, who is 4, said, "I'm going to make you beautiful!" and made me let her brush my hair, haha. And we had a fashion/singing show were she sung nearly the entire song of Let it Go... in an Elsa dress. It was pretty darn adorable.

I'm upset about the whole gay marriage thing. I just mean, seriously, what the heck?? It's wrong on so many levels. If you're reading this and support LGBT+ don't bother commenting and telling me I'm a bigot or homophobe or whatever. That makes me like it even less, kay? Plus; if I'm a bigot, it makes you a bigot too for not respecting my opinions.

I have a lot of bad words in my head right now. I wish my bad-word-vocabulary wasn't so big.

Ya know, today is Independence day, but I really don't care. I just... yeah. I'm really not proud to be an American. I mean, I appreciate our troops and I am so thankful they fight/fought for our country, but overall, we're just a laughing stock of the world. Happy 4th. Woo.

I'm listening to Annie right now. It's cheering me up a bit. Like... broadway Annie, not new Annie. Not real fond of new Annie, TBH.

Dance prices have gone up drastically. I... I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday over it. I'm just not feeling good emotionally. :( I just... really don't know. Angry poetry, praying, and diary entries are what have been keeping me sane.

I've been feeling kind of let down about friends lately, too. It's, um, just hard.

I miss my dad a lot. He loved Independence day which makes it even harder. I just really, really, really wish he were here right now. I'd trade anything except for my soul or my family for my dad to be back.

Project Dance was good. I'll write  a longer post about that later. It was a really, really good experience. Um... yeah.

I love you guys.
Just... stay strong. Smile, but don't be afraid to cry, either. I seriously do love you all, you're fantabulous.
-Hannah Song


  1. Aw, girl, I'm sorry you had a bad day. :( I've been having a pretty tough week cuz of the stuff going on, so I totally agree with you. This world is..yeah. We're in bad shape and seriously need help.

    I wish I could actually hug you right now. I can't imagine what you're going through.
    And I understand the anger. It's a frustrating time. Just know that I'll always be here anytime you need me and I love ya to bits. <3
    Have a better day tomorrow, love. I'll be praying for you. <:)

    God Bless,
    ~ SD

  2. I enjoyed our talk the other night, and never be afraid to cry even if you have to hide behind a book to do it. Love you, sweetie.