Monday, August 3, 2015

bright lights won't leave me alone.

Hey Stars <3 p="">
Okay, so life has been... yeah... lol

My one friend still won't talk to me. I've been praying but I still feel so upset. It's just a lot, ya know? Anyways.

Last night we went to visit some friends (who are basically family to us, honestly,) and while our moms watched Fried Green Tomatoes and cried their eyeballs out we swam for like... 2 hours I think. It was fun but my body still hurts. Then we ate hamburgers and hotdogs and cupcakes from a local bakery which is pretty much a legend where I live. Then I chatted with our moms (their dad hung out upstairs mostly, haha) while the kids all watched My Little Pony (hard decision, truthfully, but I had just watched the episode they were watching).

Now I've got a bit of a sunburn. It doesn't hurt but it's kind of hot :P

I've been writing a lot lately. :)

We started school today :( I don't usually mind school but I just don't feel ready to start because my mom kind of sprung it at us... erp. And I just don't feel motivated.

Something feels off today, wrong, but I don't know what or why...

My brother is now an orange belt, white stripe in karate! :D I'm really happy for him. My sister and I start practicing with our dance company on Friday and Saturday, and she's taking Ballet II and I'm taking Ballet III and Pointe prep this year for regular classes.

We went to a fair a couple days ago and the imprint from my flip flops was tanned onto my feet. LOL! So glad it's almost gone now.

My back hurts really bad, ughhhhh.

We got two hamsters, named Annie Downton and Graham Cracker. Both girls and both still babies. :) But they kind of jacked up anxiety for me, and I don't know why. I love then anyways~ Oh, and my brother won a fish at the fair... his name is Selfridge.

I've been kind of obsessed with NeedtoBreathe lately. I love their music. Especially the song Brother.

We have a parent's information meeting for Mary Poppins on Thursday. I'm really excited, and I hope auditions are soon!!!

I have more to say but I need to actually do something productive, so, bye Stars! Stay lovely!
Hannah Song

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