Monday, August 31, 2015

come to the well.

Hello Stars.

I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever. I'm sorry.

I've been dealing with personal issues so I just haven't been in the mood to sit and write a post. I started five drafts and then deleted them all. >.<

Hmm... what to talk about?

I mean, I've done stuff lately, but I just don't really know what to say.

We've been doing school. Yay. LOL Math is just... ugh. I hate it more than usual lately, I don't feel like I understand it anymore.

My dance company and I have a performance coming up in September, so I'm excited. :) I think I've talked about it before, IDK. But I'm dancing the part of Fall in 'Seasons' and fall is my favorite season ever, so... ;) It's going to the same venue and everything as our first performance of our first year of the first year of the company even existing, so it holds really special memories :) And now we get to make new memories with two new lovely girls who've joined the company.

Last year's first performance. This is Celeste and I.

I've started a little store called Song's Little Shoppe. I'm really excited. I've already made a sale :D It's on Facebook. I sell jewelry, and hopefully soon, art. Click the name and it'll take you to the FB page.

Also, cramps suck. The one and only time I hate being a girl -_-

Our new year of American Heritage Girls started up. In the pi/pa unit this year we are all pioneers. LOL. We got two new girls and they're so sweet- and homeschooled too, which rocks. And my friend Kayla moved up, so yeah. ((happy dance)) We're starting with the badge 7 C's of History.

I feel like I've gotten closer to the teen girls at church- two of 'em, anyways. And then Bellamei, because Bella rocks. ;) I can't wait for family camp next year already, and it was just like a month and a half ago xD lol

I really don't know what else to say so... toodles!
Hannah Song

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