Sunday, September 27, 2015

Current Favorites...

Hey Stars!
I have lots to post about, but I'm feeling rather lazy, so here's my top ten favorite songs currently :)

1. Backseat Driver - TobyMac

2. City on the Hill - Casting Crowns

3. Just Give Me A Reason - P!nk

4. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

5. Tennis Courts - Lorde

6. Alive - Sia

7. Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon

8. You Are - Tenth Avenue North

9. Lift Your Head Weary Sinner - Crowder

10. Seasons - Nicole Nordeman

Bonuses: Rotten To The Core and If Only from Descendants, Feel It feat. Mr Talkbox and Lights Shine Bright feat. Hollyn by TobyMac, Brother, Wasteland, Feet Don't Fail Me Now, and State I'm In by NeedToBreathe, Intro, Mansion, and Turn The Music Up by NF

Top 4 Books...

1. Also Known As Harper
Okay, this is always number one. I just love it to bits.

2. Alice In Wonderland
And this is always second... hehe

3. THG trilogy.
Okay, I know, it's technically 3 books. Whatevs.

4. Blood of Olympus
I'm on-and-off reading it right now. So far I'm kinda bored.

Top 7 Music Artists:

1. Lorde

2. Taylor Swift

3. TobyMac


5. Casting Crowns

6. NF

7. Kidz Bop

Top 3 Foods:

1. Coca Cola forever <3 p="">
2. Pizza, lol

3. Celery

Okay... this post is getting long. I'll talk to you later, Stars <3 p="">Hannah Song the wondergirl

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