Saturday, December 12, 2015

Monsters Under My Bed (SAS)

I wrote this a while back, so here it is... 

Monsters Under My Bed

I hear the owls hooting
From outside my window
Press my face down deeper
Into my pillow
I hear the clicking
Of my cat's paws
And I secretly wish
I couldn't hear anything at all
I hear a horn honking
From a car down the street
And I pull up my feet
Then I hear a scratching,
And my heart begins to beat
I feel like I'm going to scream
But I'm frozen and can't see
A furry paw grabs my arms
Tries to pull me off my bed
And the tears sting my eyes
As I flail around instead
Glowing red eyes stare into my own
My heart goes into overload
The monsters under my bed
Make me scream inside my head
And then I begin
To wake up.

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