Saturday, January 30, 2016

Curvy, Tall, Petite

Hello Stars xx

Exciting news!

Barbie announced a couple of days ago that they will be releasing more diverse dolls to their fashionistas line (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called) and I am so excited!

Petite, Tall, Curvy, and Original Barbie dolls
The new line includes Petite dolls which are smaller than the original Barbie, Tall dolls which- obviously- are taller than the average Barbie, and Curvy dolls, which are larger than the Original Barbie. On top of the three new body types, they have added more skin types as well as more hairstyles/colors and more eyes.

Okay, so let me start by saying, Barbie never really made me feel self-conscious or wish I was thinner- honestly, even though I liked Barbies, I wasn't like, obsessed with them or anything. But body image is something that is a big issue right now- and I am so glad that Barbie is spreading its diversity a little bit more.

Now, on to pros and cons...

  • Not all clothes will fit on every Barbie.
  • At the moment, not all skin colors/hair colors come in all of the body types.
If I'm totally honest, I can't think of many cons.

  • It gives girls more dolls to play with that actually look like their friends, family as well as their selves.
  • It's a cheaper and prettier option to a bit more average-size doll. Because there is Lammily, but honestly- she's expensive, kind of clunky, and generally just not as much fun.

I can think of more, but that would take all day, so...

Talk to you later loves!! xx
Hannah Song

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