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Liv & Maddie Soundtrack Review

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So, my brother bought me the Liv & Maddie soundtrack so I thought I'd write a review on it.

If you haven't seen Liv & Maddie, it's about identical twin sisters and their family. Liv is an actress/singer who just got back from a four-year stint in Hollywood. Maddie is a basketball player and the captain of the girl's basketball team. It's really funny, sometimes extremely stupid, but it's a good, clean show.

Case - 10/10
I absolutely love it!

Booklet - 8/10
The lyrics are put together nicely, and all of the songs are in it. However, some of the pictures they used in it are a little annoying? I don't really know how to explain it. It's really nice though.

Music 8.5/10
It's great. This is where the full review begins. My one complaint is that since there are multiple versions of some of the songs, they put both/all of them and it can get a little repetitive.

1. Better In Stereo (Liv and Maddie Theme Song)
I love this song. It's catchy and memorable. Not my favorite on the album, but I do love it. And it's really cool because even though it's just Dove Cameron singing, she's singing two different parts, both Maddie and Liv.
Favorite lyric:  if we could just agree//we could go major league//

2. What a Girl Is
THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM (besides True Love). It's really girl-empowering without being, like, angry. It's a really good song with inspirational lyrics.
Favorite lyric: and all these stupid magazines//want me to change my everything//

3. True Love
This is such a pretty song! It's my 2nd favorite. It's a little bittersweet, but it's absolutely wonderful. It's slow for quite a bit of the song, but not dreadfully so, and the lyrics are meaningful.
Favorite Lyric: found you then i lost you//lookin' back is torture//

4. Say Hey
This one's just a fun song. In the show, it's from a Battle of the Bands, so it's peppy and exciting. It's not the most meaningful song but it's good for easy listening/dancing.
favorite lyric: kids just buzzing like a wire//roof is getting higher//

5. As Long as I Have You
This is a pretty good song with a nice tempo. Not super memorable, but fun and sweet. It's a romantic song, but at the same time it's not. The only lyric that might be very romance-oriented is 'nothing in this world could ever tear this love apart' but otherwise it could be best friends, or family, or anything. It's sweet.
Favorite lyric: unbreak every fracture in my heart// OR they say you gotta take the good with the bad//i'll take it all as long as i have you//

6. True Love Duet
This is a duet of the song True Love. It's really pretty too, and I enjoy it, but I don't have much to say on it other than what I said for the original True Love.
favorite lyric: same as True Love

7. What A Girl Is (feat. Christina Grimmie and Baby Kaely)
Once again, I love this song so, so, so much. I think the rapping part of this version could have been better but I think Dove, Christina, and Kaely did really well with what they had.
Favorite lyric: and if you ever doubted what a girl can do//sit back and let us show ya//it's been really nice to know ya//

8.You, Me, and the Beat
Nothing too meaningful here, but it's a sweet, fun song to get up and dance to. It's got a good beat and a moderate tempo and it's pretty easy to sing along too.
Favorite lyric: cuz now you're living life out loud//with your head up in the clouds//

9. Count Me In
This is such a sweet song, ahh. It's kind of hidden underneath a catchy beat but it's so sweet. In the show, it was supposed to be co-written-ish by Liv and Maddie both.
Favorite lyric: you'll always be the one//i love the most//

10. On Top of the World
This is the song originally done by Imagine Dragons, and I loved it even before seeing Liv & Maddie, and I think Dove Cameron did a really great job with it.
Favorite lyric: been dreaming of this since a child//i'm on top of the world

11. Better in Stereo
This is not the theme song version, and even though the lyrics are the same I like the theme version better.
Favorite lyric: same as Better In Stereo (Liv and Maddie Theme Song)

12. Froyo Yolo
Okay, so this song is purposely weird. It's the way it was supposed to be for the show, and it's not anything super important, it's just fun and goofy to sing and dance too. It;s repetitive and if played too much, a little annoying. But it's good.
Favorite lyric: froyo rocks//but it's not for everyday//

13. True Love
Once again, not much to say. This is just True Love but the male version.
Favorite lyric: same as True Love.

So, there you have it! My entire review of the Liv and Maddie soundtrack :)

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