Friday, March 25, 2016

psa about mental health/depression/etc

 Stars, this post is important, okay? Now, some of the things I'm talking about may be a little heavy, so be warned.

 I've gone through my recommended photos on Instagram before, and usually nothing bad shows up. Well, today, there was a tumblr text post account that I accidentally clicked on. I won't go into detail, but it was a joke about suicide.

NO. No on every level, I'm serious.

 Suicide is not a laughing matter. I've seen other 'jokes' before online and in person at various places, overheard people, etc, about it. I've seen 'jokes' about depression as well, and self harm, and different mental health issues many people deal with day to day.

I'm going to be totally open and honest with you all for a minute.

 Being someone who has dealt with suicidal thoughts before, and who has also thought about self-harming, this is so NOT FUNNY. I don't care what you're think you're doing. You do not joke about someone who is suicidal, or depressed, or self harming, or any combination of the three. You also do not joke about people with mental health problems.

 I'm in a lot better place than I was before, but I'm still not out of the woods. And mine hasn't even been as extreme as some people's, and if you're making light of that... then I just... no. no. no. no. That is not a laughing matter.

Seriously... if you ever do this, leave my blog now.

 Also, don't act depressed for your tumblr aesthetic or whatever. It is NOT cool, or neat, or whatever. People like you make it harder for people actually dealing with depression to get the help they need because you have to weed out those who are just doing for attention.

 Just... suicide (or suicidal thoughts), depression, self harm, mental health, none of that is anything to joke about, and if you do, then stop. It is wrong, and it hurts a lot of people.

-Hannah Song

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