Sunday, April 10, 2016

my love-hate relationship with Maya Hart

Hello Stars!

  So, I've decided to make some character-oriented posts, and this first one is about Maya Hart from Girl Meets World.

  Okay. Maya Hart- sassy, sad, broken teen girl. Alrighty. Kind of a one-sided character... anyways. Here's the whole post. I both love and hate Maya. I like her sass, she's got a lot of it, but sometimes it's more of just being rude rather than being sarcastic/sassy. I love Sabrina Carpenter, I think she's a great actress and music artist, but anymore, Maya gets on my nerves.

  In season one, I related to her. I thought she was a lot more relatable than Riley Matthews, honestly. She'd been hurt, but she kept going. And then in season 2 (I haven't seen all of it) she's become whiny, over-dramatic, and painstakingly selfish.

  I mean, in season one there were instances of it as well, but in season two I definitely think it has progressed. Here's a list of reasons I love/hate Maya Hart.

1. Hate - she can be extremely whiny
  I understand that her life has been hard. Her father left when was very, very, very young, her mother isn't around as much as Maya would like, and they don't have very much money. However, I think she whines about it to much. My life hasn't been easy, either, but I don't talk about it every few seconds. She lets the past seemingly control her future and that drives me nuts. I'm not saying stuff and/or friends can replace family, but she's super close to the Matthews, and she's got Farkle and Lucas and Shawn as well. You have to appreciate what you have and Maya really doesn't, I don't think.

2. Love - she's (almost) always there for Riley 
  There are times where she hasn't stopped doing something when Riley has asked her to stop (Girl Meets Rileytown) and such, but otherwise, she is practically always there for Riley. They're so sweet with each other and if one of them is hurting- emotionally or physically- the other one is there to help take the brunt. And that's really special, and I think that's one of my favorite Maya qualities.

3. Hate - she can dish it out, but can't take it 
  Maya is constantly calling Lucas names and teasing him (usually things that have to do with him originally being from Texas), but the minute someone calls her a name she flips out. There was an episode where Lucas called her 'a short stack of pancakes,' or something along those lines and she spent the whole episode moping about it.

4. Love - the entire episode of Girl Meets Forgiveness
  This episode is all about her forgiving herself, even if she can't forgive her father, and it's a really good episode and Maya is actually really great in that episode. The episode first aired around a time where I was really having conflicted feelings about forgiving an ex-friend of mine and it was really interesting timing and yeah. It's just fantastic, and Maya was just so great in it.

5. Hate - she's really kind of selfish
  She's constantly thinking about herself, about how everything relates to Maya. Everyone can be selfish at times, but Maya Hart takes it to an extreme and it drives me nuts. Reason #1 and this one kind of work together.

All in all, I have even more hate reasons than I do love reasons, which I feel bad about, but Disney needs to stop with the one dimensional characters.

Your thoughts?
Love you Stars!
Hannah Song xx

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  1. From what I've seen when I watch with you all I agree and I think you have a great perspective on it. However, if she was a real person rather than a fictional character played by a real person I'd say hate was too strong of a word :D but you probably figured I'd say that. Love, Mom