Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Birthday, SD...

 There are some people in your life who change it for the better, who shape it in a way you know you'll never forget. Today- and this post- is dedicated to one of those people.

 Sarah Demens, sometimes better known as the Character Queen, or as I call her SD- a.k.a. one of my best friends. Today is her birthday.

 Sarah came into my life around six years ago when I was 8. To me personally, she was the popular yet weird* chick on the blogging site where we met who would never want to hang out with some loser 8 year old.
 I was wrong, because, well... here we are.

 Honestly, we weren't all that close at first, I don't think, but then we started talking more, and she's always been someday who has been there for me. She's one of the sweetest, most caring and kind-hearted people you'll ever meet.
 She cares about each of her friends deeply, and she'll super friendly. Sarah's faith is so strong, and she's a real inspiration and role model to me. She has this constant sense of sass/humor, but she also knows when to turn it down a bit.

 This post is getting cheesy and sappy now, oh dear. I really wasn't intending for that, but oh well.

 I wish I could show up to your house with a cake, Sarah, but I honestly don't have enough money or time right now- I seriously wish I did. But for now, have a virtual cake, and have a good day, will ya? :)
 I love you, SD. Happy birthday, and may God shower you in blessings this year. :) *hugs*


*weird in a good way, I swear on it, SD.

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