Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Hey Stars xx

 So things have been busy and life has been hard.

 We've said goodbye to two people within the past 2 or 3 weeks and it's been really hard. One of them was my great-aunt, and the other was a woman who was like a grandma to my family. They will be greatly missed. :(

 School has been stressing me out... yeah. anyways.

 I haven't been doing much writing because the writing curriculum I use for school has me on burn-out, and I had some nasty things said to me on, so I deleted all my stories and haven't really written since. What's the point of writing when you're the only one reading them? xP

 twenty one pilots is like... my favorite band now. They're so brilliant, and Tyler and Josh are hilarious, and yeah. Their music is fantastic as well, obviously, or I wouldn't listen to them. ;) haha

 I think I'm sick, so yeah. Hot-cold-hot-cold and stomach aches and a headache and ugh. Anyways.

 My little sis and I have two big dance performances coming up. The one is in a few weeks and is our studio's year-end concert (the studio's performing companies dance as well, so we're in multiple pieces each). The second is Project Dance Detroit. If you live in Michigan, in Detroit or around there, come check us out. You can find the info on the Project Dance website.

 We recently had an AHG camp-out, which was fun. Also, I finally completed my level award, and I am moving up to Patriot. Yay! And the Art Show went really well last month, not many people came, but we still raised a lot of money for the Special Olympics.

 I got signed up for my first college class today! I'm taking English. I'm like... 98% sure I'm going to do the program for Physical Therapy Assistant. :)

 I entered a dance essay contest last week for National Dance Week and... I won! There were five spots and I placed :) The prize was awesome- all I'm saying is I'm a whole lot closer to having enough money to do the adult company's trainee program next year! :D

 I've been reading the Christy Miller books, and they're fab. haha

 I don't really know what else to talk about, so... until next time!

 Love you Stars!
 ~Hannah Song

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