Friday, May 20, 2016

Project Dance Detroit 2015

Hey Stars!

So, I literally only just realized I never posted about Project Dance last year like I promised.

That's when I decided to post now since we have just over a month until PDD 2016!<3 also="" an="" at="" be="" bottom="" br="" credits="" extremely="" going="" is="" long="" of="" photo="" post.="" post="" so="" this="" to="" xd="" yeah.="">

Project Dance is a ministry to spread the word of Christ and happiness through dance. It was founded by Cheryl Cutlip and has expanded to quite a few places (Peru, Detroit ((obviously)), Costa Rica, Malaysia, France, and more).

My siblings and I in front of the Project Dance sign by the check-in table.

Bethanne and I.

Campus Martius

My brother in front of the Campus Martius fountain.

Our hotel room w/ it's very own Bethanne. lol

My mom, Beth, and myself.

Prepped and ready to dance! (Also, wow, that lipstick. oh my)

On the people mover (probably on our way to Greektown.)

Swimming at the hotel after a long day of dancing.

Setting up the stage!

Bethanne and I being dorks.
Quick photo break to talk some more about it!

 Project Dance is an experience I will never forget. The atmosphere, the people, the worship, everything is just so... amazing. Awesome. Absolutely fantastic. There's really no other way to describe it.
 Being in Detroit was also amazing. Everyone always warns you against going to Detroit because of crime and such. For me? All the more reason to go. These people in Detroit; they need hope. That's what we were there for. For hope, for happiness, and for God.
 As long as you keep your head up, don't act like a victim, and more than likely you won't be a victim. We met so many amazing people in Detroit. I hadn't had that sort of happiness that PD and Detroit gave me in a long, long time.
 I got to know my fellow Illuminate dancers more; I met other dancers; I found out about some very, very cool dance companies which has given me more thought to my future; and I got to experience something truly wonderful. I am so, so excited to go back, and go thankful to God to have given us this opportunity to worship and minister through dance.

Dancing the group dance! At each Project Dance event the dancers are taught a group dance that they perform at the concert.

Fueled & Aflame Dancing

Celeste and I during the opening of  "oh, Great God,"

Group prayer/encouragement/speech ;)

Celeste and I leading a warm up.

Walking to the concert with the rest of the dancers- such a colorful walk!

Ballet class (day 3/master classes) being taught by Emily R.

Chelle (our company instructor), Julia, Bethanne, Jenna, and I.

Pictures 1-11 are my mom's.
Pictures 12-20 are Jamie M.'s.

Anyways, this post is basically just to say Detroit was amazing, Project Dance was amazing, and if you ever get the chance to participate or go watch the dancers performing- do it! It's a wonderful experience.

God Bless and love you all,
-Hannah Song

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful description of your time there.