Wednesday, November 9, 2016

{breathe, just breathe - life update}

 Hey Stars!

 How are you all?

 I haven't posted in ages, oh my word. I'm so sorry. Life is just... exhausting right now. I'm honestly not even feeling up to posting right now, but I've got some time, so... :P

 My last post about what's going on in general life-y-ness was in August. Geez.

 I'm just going to post some things that have been going on and then probably some pictures because I'm too lazy and tired to type everything out.

 I posted about having a meeting with the lady from Barbizon in my last full-length post. It went pretty well. The interview was all kinds of stressful, but it was actually kind of fun. I'm taking the modeling/acting classes right now, and then I have to do another audition, then I'll go into placement and (hopefully) start getting jobs :D

 We're moving! :D Not very far from where we live now, but still. And we're gonna get a doggo~ I'm so excited. The little guy's name is Jake.

 We took one of our hamsters to the vet because I was worried she was sick. They ended up putting her to sleep and trimming her teeth (she's doing mostly better now). It was so funny though because she was super sleepy for the next day and a half or so.

 Dance is going pretty well. We had our first performance of this season last month and it went really well. The worship was amazing afterwards. Dancing with the older company has been really interesting. It's so much more fast-paced than the younger company. I had the opportunity to go help out at a worship workshop too, and that was totally amazing.

 This is one of our two pieces, Shine On Us.

 Speaking of dance, Project Dance New York is next year, and I've always wanted to go... I have a chance to go next year, but I need help. If you'd like to learn more and prayerfully consider donating, you can look at it here:

Okay, picture time. XD lol

 These are all pictures from trick or treat. My brother and I were Soos and Dipper, my sister was a Renaissance girl, my friend Syd was Harry Potter, and our other friends (not posting their picture for safety precautions) were a baseball player, a sugar skull, and a bat, respectively.

 This is a face swap my family's been cracking up over of my brother and our cat, Briar.

 My fam and I went to Ikea awhile back and it was so much fun. Ikea is the bomb. We got lots of cool stuff, and we got dinner at Applebee's and drinks from Starbucks. It was a good day :) (thanks, mom and grandma!)

 This is from last year when I first got my bow. I love that thing so much, man. I need new arrows, but it's great. It was almost a year ago exactly; my grandma got it for me for Christmas. :)

 I have other things I could talk about, but I'm going to leave it at that for now. Stay lovely, darlings.

Love you Stars!
Hannah Song

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