Meet Hannah Song

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the blog of Hannah B./Song!
This post will tell you all about Hannah Song and her craziness in a condensed form.
Love you Stars! xx

Name: Hannah Song
Age: 12-15
Beliefs: Christian. Conservative.
Pets: 3 male guinea pigs, 2 female hamsters, 1 female cat, and a fish (no idea male or female).
Job: dancer, but I don't get paid. Volunteer work. Currently looking for employment.
Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, modeling (lol), doing make-up, designing clothes, blogging, etc.
Other info: I don't find jokes about self harm, depression, suicide, or death funny, so don't make jokes about that around me. And don't use God's name in vain around me, either. xx

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